Dynamite Riding Academy is a boutique horse riding school geared toward beginners & youth riders

* We specialize in Arabian Dressage

*Academy teaching methods are rooted in the principles of Classical Dressage. Click here to read why that’s important

* Located at one of the finest equestrian facilities in Scottsdale, Arizona. Learn more

Our Academy’s focus is on a quality equestrian education. We are dedicated to giving our students the knowledge and opportunity to go anywhere in the horse world that they desire. We take great pride in providing a unique, fun, safe & supportive horse riding and learning experience to assist you in reaching your equestrian goals. We operate on the core belief that all goals can be achieved when hard work meets great opportunity. DRA’s Core Values¬†

Dynamite Riding Academy was established at Bar A Ranch in April of 2015. It began as a division of Missy Gilliland Dressage and is owned and operated by Heather & the McWhorter Family. 2018 marked the emergence of the new Dynamite Riding Academy name, ushering in a new era of growth and opportunity for our riding program. Heather McWhorter (pictured above left) operates the Academy and is it’s head instructor. It is the accumulation and manifestation of Heather’s life’s work – to develop a place for horse enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to learn about horses & riding in a safe and welcoming environment, with access to the best of what the horse world has to offer at their fingertips.

Our Academy remains partnered with Missy Gilliland Dressage to give our students a place to continue their Dressage educations should they choose to progress up the levels of Dressage.