Dynamite Riding Academy Welcomes Beginner Riders!

Dynamite Riding Academy is the go-to spot for beginners!

At Dynamite Riding Academy we pride ourselves on putting the rider first. Each and every rider receives personalized lesson plans. We constantly evaluate our students to determine their needs. We match each student to the horse that best fits their needs and riding level. We know not all beginners are the same!

dynamite riding academyOur goal is to make every student feel like a member of the family at Dynamite Riding Academy.

At Dynamite Riding Academy we strive to make every rider feel safe and secure. This is the reason we require helmets, long pants, and boots. But for us, safety goes beyond what you wear. Our instructors are there to make sure you are doing everything correctly from grooming to mounting to dismounting and everything in between to keep you and your horse safe.

We work hard to support your riding goals whether that’s to have fun and learn a new skill or to eventually enter shows and competitions. We are here to celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small and help push you through your struggles. We want to see you succeed and become your best self. If you are having problems with a concept or move, we will focus on it in your lessons until you are confident and comfortable with it.

Our goals are to make you a well-rounded rider. We want to give you a basic toolset to pursue whatever riding discipline you choose.

A solid base is always a great place for beginners to start.

Dynamite Riding Academy focus is on beginners, that is our specialty, but we understand most riders will grow and want to move up the ranks, which is why we partner with Missy Gilliland Dressage if you choose to advance your dressage skills. As sad as it is to see students graduate to a more advanced level we feel a sense of pride knowing we’ve given you a great base to work from.

We know many riders want to show or compete and we are working on several options to give our riders those options. We want you to show off what you’ve learned and how far you’ve come with your riding!

We hope you choose to ride with Dynamite Riding Academy and look forward to helping you grow.

Contact us today for a visit and meet our hard working horses.

Tell us, why do (or did) you want to learn to ride?

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