Riding Co-Op

Beta Riding Co-Op Program

What is it? A new & exciting program only offered at Dynamite Riding Academy!

Owning a horse is a huge commitment. Heather developed this program for her students to help bridge the gap between leasing and owning their own horses. Many beginner riders struggle at first to decide what they want to do and where they want to go in the horse world. Riding in our Co-Op allows you to get a taste of what the world of horse ownership is all about as you are learning and before committing to purchasing a horse of your own.

Perhaps you only live in the area during certain seasons and don’t want to haul your horse back and forth across country. Problem solved! We’ve got well trained Dressage horses for you to ride, an impeccable facility with trails out every gate & we’d love to have you join us!

Summer 2018 Co-Op Rates

Individual Co-Op Practice Rides: $40 per ride

Tier 1: $360 monthly
1 lesson & 1 practice ride per week

Tier 2: $520 monthly
1 lesson & 2 practice rides per week

Tier 3: $800 monthly
1 lesson & 3 practice rides per week


Contact us to sign up today!


Instructor approval is required to participate in this program & is granted based on the student’s experience level & needs. Students will be assigned horses to ride based on availability, no specific horse reservations available for this program at this time. Ask Heather about current horse lease options to reserve a specific horse for your rides.

We are debuting our new program this summer but limited spots are available. Students can purchase a monthly riding package or pay for each individual ride. Tier members receive discounted rates & priority scheduling. To participate in the program you must take a minimum of one lesson per month so that a DRA instructor can regularly assess your progress. Rides & lessons do not roll over from week to week. All sales are final. Tier members will be billed monthly and payment is due before the 9th of each month.

Own your own horse but don’t have time to ride very often? Ask Heather about having your horse participate in our Beta Riding Co-Op Program. Great for busy-body senior horses still in need of a job, albeit a less strenuous one. Lots of love, fun & quality experiences await!

Email Heather@DynamiteRiding.com or text 480-849-9398 for more information