Top 5 Reasons for Your Child to Ride

There are many benefits to riding. Besides giving your child something to do, besides bug you, they can learn a new skill and make new friends. But these two are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve come up with our top five reasons for kids to ride. Read on to find out what we think are the most important reasons to ride.

  1. Boost Confidence
    Learning a new skill is a crucial way to boost confidence. With every lesson, your child will build upon previous lessons. At Dynamite Riding, we pride ourselves on making every rider feel comfortable and welcome, which helps build their confidence. We praise riders when they do a good job and are gentle when correcting and teaching proper form. We won’t ever discourage a child that wants to ride. We believe in building kids up, not tearing them down. Children gain confidence every time they learn and conquer something new.
  2. Build Character
    Riding horses is hard. Sometimes you will fall, but at DRA we will help you dust off your riding pants and get back on the horse. We understand everyone struggles, and sometimes, we will even fail. We also know the critical part is how you respond. Character comes from these moments. Growth comes from making mistakes and learning from them.
  3. Teach Responsibility
    We aren’t going to get your horse ready or clean up after you. Owning a horse is a lot of work. If you want to ride, you need to know how to get your horse ready to go. You may even have to muck out a stall now and then. Teaching kids to help around the barn and horses is essential. It builds a work ethic that carries through to adulthood and into their chosen career.
  4. Relax
    Life is hard. Frequently kids are overscheduled or loaded down with hours of homework. Riding gives them a break. They have to put down the phone, stay off Instagram, and have a tech-free moment during a hectic week. When at their lesson they get to forget about their fight with a friend and connect to the horse. A horse who will love them even if they don’t wear pink on Wednesdays. In fact, adults could benefit from riding as well!
  5. Health & Fitness
    Riding is excellent for both your child’s mental and physical health! Horses can help reduce feelings of depression and relieve stress. Horses are very attuned to our emotions and can sense what we are feeling. Physically your child will get a full body workout. They need to have strong core muscles for balance. Their posture and balance will improve. Also, all the barn tasks (mucking, grooming, etc.) will give an excellent overall workout. Being fit and healthy brings us back to number one in building confidence.

What do you think is the top reason for kids to ride? Do you agree with this list or have a different suggestion? Leave it in the comments!

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